At Recruit I.T., we pride ourselves on ensuring we enable our customers to access some of the best contracting talent on the market. Utilising a mixture of people, technology, and a collaborative approach internally, we invest a significant amount of time and energy into ensuring we are maintaining an active talent pool of contractors with the various skill sets required in the technology market. ​

By working with Recruit I.T. to secure your contract resource, your business will benefit from our:

  • Track Record

  • Speed to Market

  • Collaboration

  • Contractor Relationships

  • Industry Expertise

  • Active Talent Pool

We recognise that our customers need to have a prompt turnaround, coupled with a highly skilled contractor who can hit the ground running. We aim to ensure you don't need to spend the time and resources finding contract capability to deliver the outcomes you need. This upfront investment ensures that we can deliver contract capability at a moment's notice whilst not comprising on high-quality service.


We bring an extensive track record in the New Zealand market of delivering contract recruitment services since our inception in 2006. With over 2,000 contractors placed in various contract positions across New Zealand, you can rely on our trusted and reliable team to ensure you can meet your business needs.

Our clients range from AoG/Government entities, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing, through to start-ups.

We’re also able to scale up and down seamlessly to meet changing project demands, so whether it’s one contractor or fifty, you can be assured that we have the capability and tools to make it happen.

 If you would like to discuss how we can help your business with contract capability further, reach out to our experienced team today.

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