Touch Referee Sponsorship a Winner!

Posted in Recruit IT News on March 22, 2016

Recruit IT Touch Referee Sponsorship

Recruit IT were once again proud to be part of another successful Touch NZ Tournament.

At the beginning of March, Recruit IT  were present as the official National Referee Sponsor at the NZ Masters and Opens Nationals.

Not only was the Recruit IT team on hand to speak to anyone looking for work but they also ran a successful sausage and steak sizzle from the Touch NZ village, which was a huge success.

All proceeds from this, plus those from the Junior Nationals and the NZ Secondary Schools held earlier in the season, will be fed back into the National referee group.

John Wyatt and Kirsten Metzger attended the official referee dinner on Sunday evening and were blown away by the genuine appreciation by the referee group for the sponsorship support that has been given this season.

For those who have been involved in sponsorship of any type will know that sometimes you don’t see the direct effect sponsorship can have but by being at the dinner they were able to see this first hand.

The comradery and support shown by everyone involved in the referee group was plain to see, and was summed up succinctly by Joachim Wanihi,

‘I started refereeing because I needed the money, but along the way I found a family’.

This, along with the amazing work that these referees do, is why Recruit IT are proud to now be a part of this fantastic group of sports people.

Recruit IT Touch Referee Sponsorship FlagDarrin Sykes, Touch NZ National Director of Referees said,

‘The provision of the various forms of sponsorship has been warmly received by all referee sectors of Touch NZ. This is the first significant referees sponsorship ever in the history of Touch NZ. The referees sector appreciates the resources that have allowed referees to be better supported in their role at various tournaments, fixtures and events’.

Not only was there a presence off field but also on. Nathan Taikato (Business Manager, Christchurch) was part of the gold medallist winners in the Men’s 30’s division, with his team (Canterbury) taking out a win over North Harbour 7-5.

This is the 9th year that Canterbury have taken out the Men’s 30’s title so a huge congratulations to Nathan and his team.