iclue is leading the way with disruptive technology in recruitment, with online technical testing.

iclueAs a software and as a service solution this is an exciting new technology for I.T. recruitment. Using a quiz format, iclue tests a candidate’s I.T. technical skill depth and ability relevant to the position they have applied for. From this data, candidates are then ranked against other applicants and against those within the technical specialisation who have also taken the quiz.

It is the future online job applications:

  • Secure better people by spotting talent earlier and acting faster
  • People want to prove their skills and iclue gives them the opportunity to do that in a candidate-centric setting
  • Machine-learning algorithms rank your applicants based on content created by our vast team of subject matter experts
  • Hiring managers love iclue because it allows them to spend their valuable time on their favourite parts of the job

iclue – the innovative recruitment technology to help identify top talent, save time, costs and ultimately hire the best!

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  • Contract Listed October 10, 2019
    Data Analyst


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    Contract Listed October 9, 2019
    DB2 DBA


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    Permanent Listed October 9, 2019
    Product Owner


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