Jarrod commenced his career in the I.T. Recruitment industry in London, in 2006, whilst on his OE. With professional training and strong mentors, he quickly developed the key skills needed to be a top IT recruiter. In the following 3 years, he established relationships across the UK and Europe until returning to NZ in 2009 and continuing his career back home.

Jarrod works within a variety of industry sectors. This, coupled with his New Zealand and overseas experience, has meant he has accumulated a broad knowledge of I.T., right through from helpdesk roles to senior management positions. Jarrod prides himself on providing a friendly and professional service to all his clients and candidates, finding out what they really require and by delivering the right outcome accordingly.

Outside of the office, Jarrod is a keen musician, spending his time writing, recording and hitting the stage with his band. He also loves to surf and train in martial arts.

Jarrod Ross

Managing Partner