Recruit IT celebrates NZ’s Top Tech Head Success!

Posted in IT News on November 13, 2015

NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Awards

Earlier this year, Recruit IT threw down the challenge to Devs in NZ to find who would be NZ’s Top Tech Head 2015.  The challenge was well and truly accepted with developers from all around NZ testing their skills against one another. Competition was fierce, especially in the .Net Category where we experienced the most interest.

An awards evening was held last month to celebrate the inaugural competition and to congratulate our NZ Top Tech Head 2015 award winners.

Recruit IT are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

Sudarshan Sreenivasan - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Award Top Java Developer Andrew Dover - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Top Web Developer Lev Gimelfarb - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Top .Net Developer Nick Glynn - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Top C++/C Developer Aamir Mulla - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Top Mobile Dev and Automated Tester  Lev Gimelfarb - NZ Top Tech Head 2015 Overall Winner

John Wyatt, Recruit IT CEO, said he was delighted with the response and is looking forward to introducing new categories in 2016, including a ‘corporate challenge’ alongside the current individual challenge.

One of our winners, Andrew Dover, said ‘he hadn’t heard about the competition until his creative director distributed the details amongst the team’. He said ‘there was a bit of banter in the office on who would be the best’ so was delighted when he won his category so he could enjoy the bragging rights around the office!

NZ’s Top Tech Head introduced iclue to the IT industry – a revolutionary SaaS based IT technical testing tool. A short quiz via the iclue app was fun for those who entered the competition and enabled us to rank the skills of all who entered to find category winners and an overall winner.

NZ Top Tech Head 2016When recruiting staff being able to identify top technical talent is important. Using iclue is a huge benefit as it can save significant time and money when recruiting for technical roles. Iclue can help more easily identify the best talent – faster. Iclue uses machine learning which scales the difficulty of the test in real time in accordance with a candidate’s technical ability ie: answer the questions too easily and iclue will make the questions harder. Iclue is revolutionising the way companies hire IT staff.

Our double category winner, Aamir Mulla has emphasised just how beneficial having your skill level tested can be.

‘I think the competition is a great way to measure up your skills relative to other software professionals. I am grateful to be honoured with the two awards and proud to have it on my profile. I would surely like to win the main title next year’. Aamir Mulla

Our 2015 Overall Top Tech Head winner, Lev Gimelfarb, is delighted to have won the main prize. Lev feels this award is a great benefit to his own company, Solidbase Consulting Ltd. He says

‘Winning this award helps validate us in this competitive marketplace, and enables me to assure our clients that they are receiving top quality solutions, and are getting real value by working with us. It was very nice to receive the accolade’. Lev Gimelfarb 

Recruit IT are looking forward to launching the revamped NZ’s Top Tech Head in April next year. To be the first to hear about the competition, please sign up here or follow us on Facebook / LinkedIn.

NZ Top Tech Head 2016The 2016 challenge is going to be even more competitive, with more opportunities to gain bragging rights! Recruit IT is excited about the 2016 competition and we look forward to bringing it to you. Thank you to everyone who took up the challenge in 2015 – we hope to see you again in 2016.

The competition was good fun and a great way to try and stand out from the crowd in the NZ Technology Industry. It was a really good experience and will be keeping my eyes out for the next one! Got to keep the crown!” Nick Glynn Top C++/C Developer 2015.