Networking Avenues and finding that New Role

Posted in IT Jobs , IT Recruitment on November 29, 2012

There is no doubt about it. Its not easy to find great people and sometimes for great people to find a great role!

At Recruit IT we are seeing a serious shift away from traditional advertising mediums to attract candidates (such as job boards) to more dynamic social media avenues such as Linked In and Facebook etc and social networking.

The other day I heard one job board being described as the lazy recruiters search button. I heard another comment that one recruiter is now only posting 20% of their roles on traditional job boards and is relying on filling 80% of their vacancies via Social media, via their database and via their network in general.

If I look at how we have operated over the years I would say that over 50% of our roles were filled via Job Boards (locally and internationally) and the remainder were filled via our database and via our consultant network. But I agree it certainly is not like that any more and I can’t see it reverting to this number again. So if you are serious about finding a new role and about being found, you have to network and lift your profile.

With the GFC I think there has also been a real shift in how candidates in general approach “the find a new job” avenue. I also think many employers got rid of their chaff and really value and look after the human core of their company.

As I said to one client yesterday. Great people tend to be hiding under well placed rocks and it is our job to know where those rocks are and to entice them out. In many ways we are seeing this as a preferred way for candidates to take on a new position . It is certainly less stressful than putting yourself out there, undertaking a barrage of interviews and   concluding at the end of an intense period which opportunity is right for you.

In other words the new recruitment environment offers the job seeker an opportunity to selectively look at the market how and when they want to in a more relaxed style. Our advice is make sure you can be found.