What Kind of Leader Are You?

Posted in IT Jobs , Recruit IT News on September 29, 2014

There are many different leadership styles for many different situations – here are just a few.

Servant Leaders often lead by example. They have high integrity and lead with generosity. Their focus is on coaching individual team members to develop them and get the best out of them. This style of leadership is great for achieving high staff morale and innovation.

Transformational Leaders motivate people with a shared vision of the future. They are great communicators who set clear goals. They are inspirational because they expect the best from everybody but hold themselves accountable for everyone’s actions. They have well developed conflict resolution skills. This style of leadership fosters high productivity and engagement.

Autocratic Leaders make decisions without consulting team members even if their input could be useful. This approach can be useful when quick decisions are required or when team input is unnecessary as it won’t affect the outcome. However, used as a sole approach to leadership, this style can be demoralising and result in high absenteeism and low staff morale.

Bureaucratic Leaders follow rules and processes rigorously and ensure their team are precise about this. This style is useful in situations of high risk or safety, when large sums of money are involved and when staff are performing very routine tasks. This style is much less effective on teams who rely on creativity, flexibility and innovation.

In summary, a great leader is able to identify and employ various leadership styles for different occasions resulting in highly productive, highly engaged, happy staff. Recruit IT are always looking for great leaders for a range of roles we currently have across New Zealand.

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