Yesterdays IT Trends Predict IT Jobs Today!

Posted in IT Jobs , IT News on November 26, 2014

I.T. Trends Predict I.T. Jobs


The IT Trends of yesterday provide a plethora of exciting IT jobs for today.

In 2013, Gartner, a leading global research and analyst company, predicted the top ten technologies and trends for 2014.

The top ten technologies and trends for 2014 were predicted as the trends that would be strategic for most organisations.

These were the Gartner 10 trends for 2014

  • Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  • Mobile Apps and Applications
  • The Internet of Everything
  • Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
  • Cloud/Client Architecture
  • The Era of Personal Cloud
  • Software Defined Anything
  • Web-Scale IT
  • Smart Machines
  • 3-D Printing

As we see 2014 drawing to a close, these trend predictions of 2013 are primarily correct. Many of these technologies are in fact adding to the already strong IT specialist demand in New Zealand.

In 2015 these IT trends will appear to continue to strengthen on the growth of this year. With growth comes opportunities and there is a continual range of core service and trending IT Jobs available throughout New Zealand.

Recruit IT see this as an exciting time for all IT professionals, with business being offered a wide range of new technologies. These technologies primarily provide business more possibilities of automation and efficiencies. However, resourcing the correct specialist IT knowledge and experience into these technologies is central to their business success.

As we go into a New Year, the IT trends of today will be the IT jobs of tomorrow! You can view some of the top IT jobs in New Zealand on the Recruit IT,  IT Job Search.

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