Internet of Things (IoT): The Next Revolution

Posted in IT News on September 17, 2014

Chances are you may have heard this new(ish) term being bandied about – the “ Internet of Things ”. While it sounds gimmicky, it is nothing of the sort and the IT world is already sitting up and taking notice.

Previously known as Machine to Machine (M2M) when it was still just a twinkle in a Software Engineer’s eye, IoT is set to take your world by storm in the next decade.

Imagine this: your driverless car picking the kids up from school and depositing them safely home (including reduced or zero car insurance); your doctor contacting you to alert you that your blood pressure is at a worrying level and inviting you in for a consult; your home detecting that you’re only half an hour away and warming your house to a comfortable temperature.

The first software, apps and hardware have already hit the shelves internationally and smart companies worldwide are investing substantial R & D in this new era.
In recruitment terms, IoT is looking to become the next big thing: a dream for developers wanting to escape the humdrum of upgrades, maintenance and business as usual and devote their time to true end to end development of bleeding edge products.

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