Going Fishing?

Posted in IT News , Recruit IT News on May 14, 2013

Going Fishing?

Recent Surveys show things are looking up in the ICT Industry…

With business confidence up, no matter whether you are a contractor or looking for a permanent role, there’s plenty of opportunity in the market place in 2013.

Approximately 1850 positions will be up for grabs, industry experts’ claim, mostly due to new projects on the drawing board.

Latest surveys of the ICT industry show:

Private Sector
• 71% of employers surveyed will be looking for permanent staff in 2013
• 37% of employers starting new projects

Public Sector
• Government agencies upcoming work made up of 48% new projects
• Almost 60% of Government Departments recruiting contractors this year

A broad range of skill sets are in demand encompassing testing, business analysis, network and infrastructure and project management.

If you are thinking about picking up a new role in 2013, get in touch with the Recruit IT team and land a big fish!!