Disruptive Technology In Recruitment

Posted in IT News , IT Recruitment , Recruit IT News on May 22, 2015

iclueRecruit IT are excited to be part of the innovative disruptive technology in recruitment called iclue.

Iclue is leading the way with disruptive technology in recruitment, with online technical skills testing.

IT professionals can now measure themselves against their peers, helping them identify the strength of their skills and abilities within their community.

Those wanting to hire new IT talent can see up to date data of the skills and abilities of candidates to turbo charge the hiring process.

Overall this provides valuable data for both candidates and businesses hiring – the data can be a catalyst to drive personal careers forward and the answer to measuring skills and abilities against the technical demands of any new IT job or project hire.

In brief, iclue is a software as a service solution that is an exciting new technology for IT recruitment. Via a quiz format it tests a candidate’s IT technical skill depth and ability, relevant to the position they have applied for.

From this data candidates are then ranked against other applicants and against those within the technical specialism who have also taken the quiz. It is the future of applying for jobs online.

Iclue has many benefits and features including being integration ready. As a cloud based service its ready to go when you are and doesn’t interfere with your current hiring process.

Offering unprecedented flexibility, you can build custom roles and add in your own skills categories.

Iclue is not only user friendly for candidates but also for HR teams, with setting up a new role only taking 2 minutes. Plus a unique anti-fraud protection provides additional risk protection to your hiring processes.

• Secure better people by spotting talent earlier and acting faster

• People want to prove their skills and iclue gives them the opportunity to do that in a candidate-centric setting

• Machine learning algorithms rank your applicants based on content created by our vast team of subject matter experts

• Hiring managers love iclue because it allows them to spend their valuable time on their favourite parts of the job


iclue is the new wave of recruitment technology to help identify top talent, save time, costs and ultimately hire the best.

To find out more visit our iclue page here or alternatively visit www.iclue.co.nz

iclue are proud to be exhibiting at the 2015 CIO Summit. 9-10 June 2015. Visit iclue at stand 66, Level 5.