Digital Disruption

Posted in IT Jobs , IT News on November 13, 2014

The term ‘Digital Disruption‘ applies to new digital technology that impacts on the normal way of doing things.

A clear example of this has happened with NZ Post.

Over the last few decades, fax, email, text, skype, instant messaging and Facebook have rendered letter writing almost obsolete. This has resulted in NZ Post reducing their mail delivery to three days a week. NZ Post are one of a number of industries that have had to look seriously at expanding and digitising their offerings in order to stay relevant in the current age.

Deloitte Digital, Australia have released an interesting report identifying 13 industries in Australia comprising 65% of the Australian economy that face significant disruption by 2017. You can access their report here.

As more organisations adjust and even overhaul their product and service offerings to stay relevant in the digital age, the demand for IT professionals keeps growing.

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