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Jim Coates

‚ÄčOriginally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, Jim came over to the beautiful lands of New Zealand two and half years ago in search of adventure and never left! Jim launched his recruitment career in the Wellington market and absolutely loves spending his week meeting and connecting with passionate professionals in the IT and Transformation Industry.

From a research background, Jim loves the search and find, something he has brought from the dusty libraries of his university to the vibrant world of recruitment and truly thrived. Jim loves to be on the pulse of what is new in the market and is always excited when a client recommends a café he has never been to before.

Outside of work Jim is an avid reader, going through 1-2 books a month with a goal to be a published author one day. Like many Brits who move to New Zealand, Jim is incredibly active and has a passion for the outdoors. Biking and tramping for many years, he has recently taken up running and is always on the lookout for tips on how to improve his form!