A New Year – Compare IT Salaries

Posted in IT Jobs , Recruit IT News on January 20, 2015

A new year is underway and things are moving on with February just around the corner.

You have no doubt had some time over Christmas to have a think over a few things.

Will this year be a great year for your IT career?

What opportunities do you see ahead in your current IT role or business you are working for?

To help in your thinking and planning Recruit IT have provided an IT Salaries New Zealand Update. Click Here To View.

The salaries update information is sourced directly from the industry and from those we come in to contact with on a daily basis.

This will allow you to compare IT salaries across a number of IT roles. Helping you plan what your next career move will be this year and allowing you to navigate and position yourself for the hot IT Jobs of tomorrow.

Here is a list of free things you can do to help this year be great one for your career.

1. Check out the Recruit IT salaries update here!

2. Register for future IT job opportunities here!

3. Search and view all the current IT Jobs available from Recruit IT here!

4. Contact our team about your current IT role and what IT jobs you really want. Click here.

5. Pay it forward – If your friend in IT is wanting a new IT job, refer them and you could enjoy rewards yourself! Refer A friend here.