Interview Questions

Interviewing your Interviewer

Fantastic news. You’ve secured an interview for the job of your dreams. But is it? You’ll get the opportunity (hopefully) to meet several of the team you will be working with during the meeting, ...

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Rugby Scrum

Touch, Pause, Engage! Similarities between Rugby and Software Development

We're back into the swing of things with the first Super Rugby game of the year coming up this weekend, and "me oh my! I have enjoyed that, yes boy!" - Justin Marshall. For all you IT folk out the...

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Silver Bullet

"The Silver Bullet"

​For the last couple of years, it has been easy to blame the worsening talent shortage the technology industry has grappled with in New Zealand on Covid-19 and the resultant border closures. Many i...

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Lockdown Li

It might be a lockdown, but it’s certainly not a slowdown!

​As we find ourselves navigating a community outbreak of Covid-19 once again, I must say that things feel a bit different in our industry with the benefit of experience. With this being round two a...

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Salary Li

​Are I.T. professionals setting themselves up for a salary reality check?

​A lack of quality local talent in the IT and technology recruitment market is not a new issue. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has added further pressure and complexity, taking away the option for ...

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June I.T. & Digital Market Update

​WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING? Regional roundup In a word… things have been – BUSY! In Auckland, momentum is building in the market, and the team are working on the most roles they have had in a month s...

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In a talent-short market, do we need to re-think our approach to graduate hires?

COVID-19 and the resulting border restrictions have severely impacted the talent available in the I.T. sector, putting further pressure on an already tight market - we see rapidly increasing salari...

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