Linked In

​Leveraging LinkedIn for Career Success

LinkedIn – a social network for professionals – is a platform where you can create a profile for your career, and if crafted well, it can be an effective tool in your job-hunting toolkit. Whilst of...

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​Navigating Common Interview Questions

Regardless of industry or role, some interview questions seem to crop up time after time, and despite their ever-occurring presence – they still leave many a candidate either tongue-tied or wafflin...

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Interview Preparation

​3 P's For Perfecting Interviews

The thought of selling yourself in an interview can be a daunting prospect, bringing a mixture of nerves and excitement. For most of us, talking ourselves up goes against our nature and does not co...

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June I.T. & Digital Market Update

​WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING? Regional roundup In a word… things have been – BUSY! In Auckland, momentum is building in the market, and the team are working on the most roles they have had in a month s...

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In a talent-short market, do we need to re-think our approach to graduate hires?

COVID-19 and the resulting border restrictions have severely impacted the talent available in the I.T. sector, putting further pressure on an already tight market - we see rapidly increasing salari...

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The Hottest Coding Languages For 2020

​The following are the 16 most in-demand coding languages for 2020, based on the average number of interview requests per candidate:Go (9.2)Scala (8.5)Ruby (8.2)TypeScript (7.9)Kotlin (7.1)Objectiv...

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