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Recruit IT – Business and Taxation Advice

If you are new to New Zealand or new to contracting then often the first question posed to us is “what are my taxation obligations and how best should I structure my business affairs”.

For some time now, we have been answering these questions as best we can though not being tax professionals, prefer to pass these on to someone who is. We have a long standing relationship with Munro Benge Chartered Accountants who are experienced in handling IT Contractor accountancy requirements and associated tax returns.

Accordingly should you require information relating to the following, we recommend you give Phil O’Brien at Munro Benge a call on 04 494 3477
or email

They can help you with:

  • An introduction to the New Zealand taxation system
  • How best to set up your business– Sole Trader v Company
  • Goods and Services Tax – How you register for GST and how it is payable etc
  • Expense deductions – what are you legally entitled to claim as a business expense
  • Tax planning – assistance with provisional and end of year tax obligations and filing returns etc

Munro Benge:

  • Is a specialist in IT Contractor sole trader/company accounting
  • Will set up simple systems for self-management if required
  • Will provide all accounting services at a competitive cost